Friday, 10 July 2015


By Lauren Hodkin

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are enjoy your fabulous summer! It's starting to get hotter and these cosplays at times can make things a lot harder to enjoy conventions! So here is my "One, Two, Three!" summer survival expo guide!

1) You cannot predict the weather! When choosing your cosplay you definitely cannot determine the future! It is better to make sure you are prepared for all eventualities. This could include the following:
* Taking a spare change of clothes should you become too hot for your cosplay.
* Funny enough! It could rain. I always carry a small umbrella in my bag just in case the weather decides to change.
* Go see the convention's cosplay desk. Most conventions will have a changing area or a room that you will be able to relax, get some water and take that wig off for a bit! Use this! Cosplay staff are super helpful and certainly know what you're going through!

2) Make sure you take some food and drink with you! Of course all venues will have places to buy food or drink but how about when you are in that queue to get in or when you're busy taking pictures outside at a fan meet? It is essential, not only for your own health and safety but for others too that we all take responsibility and keep some water with us. In this heat we don't want people to faint or feel sick which can easily happen. If you do start to feel this way you should immediately contact a member of staff who will take you to the nearest first aid facility!

3) Stay within a group of friends or a meet! What a better way to enjoy a convention then spending it with the people who have the same interests as you! Whether you arrived by yourself and joined your favourite anime meet or you came with your friends from work or college; You will definitely feel a lot safer and happier knowing people around you. Look after one another. Be responsible and ensure that your group is having fun, eating and drinking, looking at cosplayers and asking permission for photos, looking round stalls! There is definitely plenty to do but staying as a group will giving you the peace of mind that someone is looking out for you when you need it!

So what is the underlining message of this! Make sure you are prepared. Many of us work hard on our cosplays and want to have great times at convention but we shouldn't let this affect our health or compromise our enjoyment! Speak to your friends or meets beforehand via social media and get plans sorted for the day. I hope this guide made you think about your next convention and whether you are prepared! Have a great summer convention season guys and look after yourselves.

See you all next time!
Cosplay @ Majikkon

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