Wednesday, 8 July 2015


By Rachel & Natalie Wong

Last month a little miracle happen for a lot people when Metamorphose announced the re-release of their popular print Twinkle Journey. The two of us were also really excited when we first heard and couldn't wait to see the stock photos so we thought we'd like to share our views on it.

Rachel on Twinkle Journey:
Twinkle Journey was my first dream dress, I loved the pegasus print and the colourways abs cuts so I always look out for it in sales posts and auctions. Sadly it still hasn't made its way into my frilly collection. The main reason being I never seem to come across it in the right colour /cut and right price when I have the funds. I was really excited to buy it brand new during the re-release but the when I saw the stock photos I was a little underwhelmed. The cuts, colours and print were lovely but they lacked the magic of the original. My hunt continues.

Natalie on Twinkle Journey:
I find Twinkle Journey to be a dress that is subtly stunning. It's sweet and fun while not being over the top. It was really nice of Meta to re-release such a loved print but it just isn't quite the same and I'd prefer it if they re-released the original. I really appreciate Meta's efforts but I feel that this time I'm not in a hurry to make a reservation.

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Love and frills~

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